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Ioannis Papadakis

K6 Ambassador, Director of QA, GWI

I have been working in the tech industry for more than 13 years in the field of QA engineering. Throughout my career, I have always pursued to gain knowledge around Agile methodologies and Agile techniques in Quality. I am currently working at GWI as Director of QA, driving and shaping the testing strategy in our market research platform. Talking around QA and DevOps always intrigued me so I recently formulated a meetup group in the Greek community (Athens SDET Meetup) working to share our knowledge with the Greek Professionals through a series of podcasts, onsite events and workshops. Recognised from software companies like Grafana and LambdaTest, being part of their Ambassador Programs gave me the means to gain and transfer knowledge within our Community. Always loved to wear different hats based on the occasion as I have worked as Test Automation Architect, QA Manager, Software Engineer in Test, Director QA.

Some existing talks for me:

  • LinkedIn


Level : Expert

Content : Test Automation

Improve Application Resiliency with Chaos Testing

Testing is essential to ensure that your software application performs as expected. No doubt about it. But even if your application runs smoothly in a testing environment, unexpected incidents can occur in production, such as a crashed database or a lost connection to a third-party service. To ensure your application can handle such incidents and minimize their impact, you need to incorporate chaos testing into your delivery process. In this workshop, we will start with a brief introduction to k6 for backend performance testing and we’ll explore how to implement chaos testing using k6 for two backend services, to help you ensure the resilience of your application.


June 6th

Location: Attendees will receive detailed instructions

Mastering Performance Testing with Grafana

Grafana k6 is an extensible performance and load-testing tool tailored for developers. Traditionally, QA teams conducted performance testing, but recently, developers have started taking on this responsibility or actively participated in these activities. However, performance testing is often a new concept for developers. They tend to be very interested in k6 because it presents a new topic, and the tool has excellent developer experience (DX).

This is a practical workshop. Participants will install a demo environment in their local machine using an existing Docker compose setup. They will be guided in implementing  tests through various challenges to help familiarize themselves with Grafana k6:

  • Write API tests and advanced test scenarios

  • Learn how to modularize a testing suite and create reusable components

  • Model the load in terms of throughput or concurrent users

  • Visualize performance results with OSS stack and use k6 extensions

  • Verify SLO compliance in performance tests

  • Reinforce performance testing fundamentals and guidelines

By the end of the workshop, participants will be well-equipped to understand how to carry out performance testing projects with Grafana k6 and establish guidelines across different projects. 

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