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Giannis Papadakis

Director of QA,GWI & K6 Champion

Giannis Papadakis is a passionate Software Engineer in Test with over 13 years of experience across various domains, including telecom, market research, and e-publishing. His keen interest in automating software development processes led him to specialize in testing and test-driven development approaches.

Throughout his career, Giannis has worked on demanding projects primarily focused on Test Automation, utilizing a wide range of established software solutions in the market. Currently serving as the Director of QA at GWI, he is responsible for establishing the overall QA strategy for their SaaS solution, driving the transition towards a more Agile Testing World.

In addition to his professional commitments, Giannis actively engages with the tech community to expand his knowledge and give back. He has taken the initiative to organize a successful meetup that brings together over 100 tech professionals. Furthermore, he has a strong passion for sharing his experiences and knowledge with others, regularly speaking at local meetups and larger conferences.

Giannis's contributions have been recognized, and he was recently nominated as a k6 Champion, where he strives to contribute to the success of performance testing initiatives with k6.


Agile Performance Testing from zero to (k6) hero

Performance testing is a success factor when you want to scale your applications. The speech will deep dive into modern load and performance testing practices that can be incorporated into shift-left testing strategies. Performance testing is a testing technique, which helps to determine how the stability, scalability, responsiveness and speed of an application hold up under a given workload. It is a non-functional testing technique. Presenting how modern DevOps practices like integration with Grafana and Prometheus can leverage our SLOs and make it simple for engineering teams to proactively detect and improve our applications.

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