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René Rohner

Chairman, Robot Framework Foundation & Test Automation Expert

René Rohner brings a wealth of experience in test automation to the forefront of the software testing community. As the Chairman of the Robot Framework Foundation and a key developer of several projects within the Robot Framework ecosystem, including the innovative "Robot Framework Browser," René is dedicated to improving testing practices and methodologies. With a background in consulting and training, his work focuses on practical solutions and tools that address the real-world challenges faced by testers and engineers today. René is also an author and a Principal Consultant at imbus AG in Germany, where he continues to contribute to the field of test automation through his expertise and passion for teaching.


June 6th

Location: Attendees will receive detailed instructions

Revolutionizing Web-UI Testing: Keyword-Driven Testing with Robot Framework & Playwright

The landscape of web-UI testing is rapidly evolving, with a growing need for tools that offer speed, reliability, and flexibility. Enter Robot Framework: an open-source, keyword-driven test automation framework that simplifies the process of writing and communicating test cases. This full-day workshop, hosted by René Rohner and supported by Jani Haapala, delves into the power of Robot Framework combined with the Playwright-based "Robot Framework Browser" library. This combination offers a potent solution for modern web-UI testing challenges.


What We'll Cover:

- Introduction to Robot Framework: What it is, its ecosystem, and its benefits for web-UI testing.

- Kickstarting with Robot Framework Syntax: A primer for those new to the framework or looking to brush up their skills.

- Exploring the Browser Library: How it stands out from SeleniumLibrary, focusing on keyword design, speed, and advanced features for dynamic web applications.

- Hands-On Practice: Participants will engage in exercises using either a prepared environment with their web browser or a local setup with Robot Framework. This approach ensures practical experience with the framework and the Browser library, from basic navigation to leveraging advanced functionalities. Introduction:

For those seeking a hassle-free setup, offers a cloud-based development environment pre-configured for Robot Framework usage. This option eliminates local installation requirements, allowing participants to focus solely on learning and experimentation. A account is needed. 50h per month free usage.


Why Attend?

Gain practical skills in a leading-edge test automation framework and its modern libraries, unlocking the potential to enhance your web-UI testing projects. Whether you're new to Robot Framework or looking to upgrade your web-testing capabilities, this workshop is tailored to empower you with knowledge and hands-on experience.

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