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Jani Haapala

Robot Framework foundation

Robot Framework foundation board member, automation specialist, quality consultant, tester, developer, dad, husband. Passionate about measurement, feedback, and continuous automated quality assurance.


Jani Haapala is Senior Quality Consultant on Gofore and a vice chairperson on Robot Framework foundation board. He spends his time conjuring up ways to help customers achieve their goals and supporting consultants and customers as they deliver the best solutions to meet their customers’ needs. He is a dedicated DevOps advocate and evangelist who has been spreading the word in the software industry for well over a decade. Passion for the field started from manual testing and has evolved to full scale software development automation.

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Level : Foundational

Content : Test Automation , Manual Testing

Elevating DevOps: The Critical Role of Quality Assurance

DevOps is more than just the latest tools and technologies, or a new process to improve only developers’ work—it's a software creation philosophy, designed to enhance customer value through rapid delivery and high-quality software. Central to this philosophy is the role of Quality Assurance (QA) professionals, who are pivotal in ensuring that DevOps practices lead to effective and efficient outcomes.

Talk delves into the essence of DevOps from a quality perspective, highlighting why QA is not just important but critical to successful DevOps implementation. We will explore the evolving expectations for QA in the DevOps context, focusing on the necessity of adopting "automate everything" and "shift-left" approaches to testing.

What does it mean to elevate testers and quality assurance specialists to meet the new demand? How can we make a full contribution to this new philosophy of software creation?

This talk will explain the essence of high-quality software and why quality assurance is so important for DevOps. The talk also shows what is expected from quality assurance on each step of the classical "DevOps infinity loop"-process and gives some practical advice on how to elevate quality assurance to provide the best results on DevOps teams.


June 6th

Location: Attendees will receive detailed instructions

Revolutionizing Web-UI Testing: Keyword-Driven Testing with Robot Framework & Playwright

The landscape of web-UI testing is rapidly evolving, with a growing need for tools that offer speed, reliability, and flexibility. Enter Robot Framework: an open-source, keyword-driven test automation framework that simplifies the process of writing and communicating test cases. This full-day workshop, hosted by René Rohner and supported by Jani Haapala, delves into the power of Robot Framework combined with the Playwright-based "Robot Framework Browser" library. This combination offers a potent solution for modern web-UI testing challenges.


What We'll Cover:

- Introduction to Robot Framework: What it is, its ecosystem, and its benefits for web-UI testing.

- Kickstarting with Robot Framework Syntax: A primer for those new to the framework or looking to brush up their skills.

- Exploring the Browser Library: How it stands out from SeleniumLibrary, focusing on keyword design, speed, and advanced features for dynamic web applications.

- Hands-On Practice: Participants will engage in exercises using either a prepared environment with their web browser or a local setup with Robot Framework. This approach ensures practical experience with the framework and the Browser library, from basic navigation to leveraging advanced functionalities. Introduction:

For those seeking a hassle-free setup, offers a cloud-based development environment pre-configured for Robot Framework usage. This option eliminates local installation requirements, allowing participants to focus solely on learning and experimentation. A account is needed. 50h per month free usage.


Why Attend?

Gain practical skills in a leading-edge test automation framework and its modern libraries, unlocking the potential to enhance your web-UI testing projects. Whether you're new to Robot Framework or looking to upgrade your web-testing capabilities, this workshop is tailored to empower you with knowledge and hands-on experience.

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