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Ilias Rentifis

Test Automation Architect

Ilias Rentifis is a highly skilled Test Automation Architect with a distinguished career spanning over 15 years in automation tools and frameworks. Currently, he holds a position at one of the largest IT companies in Greece, where he contributes to the company's success with his expertise.

Ilias began his professional journey as a researcher in a university, where he made significant contributions in the form of IEEE publications. His dedication to research and continuous learning has shaped his proficiency in various automation frameworks, including Java Automation Frameworks, Cypress, and Robot Framework with Python.

Among his areas of expertise, Ilias particularly enjoys performance testing, a crucial practice that evaluates the responsiveness and stability of systems under specific workloads. He leverages tools such as Apache JMeter or develops custom performance frameworks using languages like Go Programming Language to ensure optimal system performance.

As a Kubernetes enthusiast, Ilias demonstrates a deep understanding of this popular container orchestration platform. His passion for automation extends beyond using existing tools and frameworks. He consistently seeks to enhance automation tools and processes by exploring new tools, conducting research, and developing innovative frameworks.


While Ilias possesses exceptional technical skills, his greatest strength lies in mentoring and training colleagues in emerging technologies. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge and expertise, empowering his peers to adapt to new technologies and stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of automation.

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