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Eirini Kefala

QA Manager, Allwyn

I love testing and I'm really excited when I have the opportunity to spread the importance of it. For that reason I'm a volunteer on Ministry of Testing #Athens and WeTest Athens communities. I am well-recognized for my team spirit and enthusiasm for my work. I am passionate about engaging people to quality.

My name is Eirini Kefala and my role is Test Manager at Allwyn Lottery Solutions. I have experience with managing, coaching and mentoring Scrum Teams and my main goal is to promote software quality and emphasize its impact. I have hands-on experience in web and mobile applications and a solid background in back-end and front-end testing. I am ISTQB® Certified for CTAL-TTA level and a licensed ISTQB instructor for CTFL.

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Level : Practitioner 

Content : Leadership

Empathy-Driven Test Management: A Framework for Modern Leaders

In the complex landscape of software testing, a people-first test manager stands out as a catalyst for positive team dynamics. More than overseeing test procedures, this role is about recognizing and valuing the people within the testing team. An inclusive Test Manager strives to create an environment where team members feel seen, heard, and appreciated. By fostering an inclusive culture that values each team member's unique strengths, a supportive Test Manager not only ensures the effectiveness of testing processes but also contributes to the overall well-being and job satisfaction of the team.

In this presentation, we're going to explore how Test Leaders are not just ensuring the functionality of software but are shaping the culture and success of the entire organization.

Key takeaways:

  • What are the qualities of a motivational Test Lead / Test Manager

  • How a leader balances delivery and culture in the team and the organization

  • Tools for mindful Leadership

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