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Principal, Quality Engineering
EPAM Consulting, Atlanta, GA, USA

After surviving the telecommunications wilderness for an impressive 14 years, I'm your friendly neighbourhood QA tester. With trusty Automation by my side, I'm on a daring mission to unravel the tech mayhem and restore peace in the nerdy universe of operations. You'll find me as the Senior Automation Tester at Nokia in Mobile Networks, battling to make telecom software systems more user-friendly and efficient, one automated test at a time.

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Level : Foundational

Content : Test Automation , Manual Testing

Testing the Next Generation of Technologies: IoT

This session will cover recent trends/challenges in testing the Internet of Things (IoT).  Next, we will discuss the components that go into a proper test strategy, such as building a test lab, test coverage, test data, test management, tools, and automation.  Lastly, Costa will walk participants through the top 5 IoT testing challenges, followed by solutions to address each.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a proper IoT test strategy

  • Learn how to address nuances of IoT/Mobile for testing teams

  • Review how to design a world class multi-technology test environment

  • Explore sample frameworks and methodologies for multi-technology environments

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