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Sakis Ladopoulos

Agile Coach, Program Manager

Sakis is an executive professional in ICT sector with a track record in forming, leading, and managing through changes, projects and teams of engineers for the last 15 years.

He has been a speaker in QA conferences since 2013 around Europe (UK, Spain, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, Romania, Hungary and, at last, Greece!). Through this journey he obtained some good memories, a collection of card holder neck straps, new QA buddies throughout Europe, and a best paper award. 

In his free time, he has been torturing Chief Editors with his articles in NetWeek, Professional Tester, Teatime with Testers and BCS The Tester.


Is Agile the Death of Testing? An agile transformation journey will tell.

This is the true story of a software development house that was following an agile approach but wanted to level up their maturity. The initial consideration was that standardized methods should be adopted and ways to scale should be set in practice.

At the end of this journey, the organization ended up not in a that different state from the initial. However, their maturity level when it comes to agile mindset had increased significantly based on the lessons learnt through this journey. 

This presentation will show what was realized during this journey and how to go to the next level of agile approach, regardless of methods and tools. It will also provide a definite answer to the question: Is Agile the death of Testing or not?

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