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Jonathan Wright

Chief Technologist | BU Lead - AI-Augmented Testing (LLM) + R&D Labs (XR/VR)

Jonathon Wright is a strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist. He specializes in emerging technologies, innovation, and automation, and has more than 25 years of international commercial experience within global organizations. Jonathon combines his extensive practical experience and leadership with insights into real-world adoption of Cognitive Engineering (Generative AI). In his spare time, he is a member of Harvard Business Council, A.I. Alliance for the European Commission, chair of the review committee for the ISO-IEC 29119 part 8 “Model-Based Testing” and part 11 for the “Testing of A.I. based systems” for the British Computer Society (BCS SIGiST). Jonathon also hosts the QA lead (based in Canada) and the author of several award-winning books (2010 – 2022) the latest with Rex Black on ‘AI for Testing’.

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Level : Expert

Content : Test Automation , Manual Testing

AI-Augmented Testing: How Generative AI and Prompt Engineering Turn Testers into Superheroes, Not Replace Them

Envision a testing realm infused with AI-driven superpowers, where a reliable AI companion revolutionizes the way, we approach testing. This companion doesn't just assist; it transforms the adventure of creating test cases that span the full spectrum of possibilities and pinpointing bugs in the most unexpected places. This is the essence of AI-augmented testing, a paradigm where AI elevates testers to maestros, orchestrating a symphony of enhanced augmented test intelligence. By turbocharging the testing process to be quicker, smarter, and more efficient, this approach doesn't merely impart insights but equips you with actionable strategies to bring these innovative concepts to life, making your work not only more productive but also genuinely enjoyable and engaging.


June 6th

Location: Attendees will receive detailed instructions

AI-Augmented Testing: A Hands-On Workshop on Generative AI, Prompt Engineering Tuning, and Beyond RAG

This immersive workshop is designed for QA professionals, testers, and developers who are eager to leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of AI to enhance their testing strategies, automate processes, and uncover bugs with unparalleled accuracy. By blending theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, participants will gain firsthand experience in harnessing the power of AI-Augmented Testing to transform their approach to testing, making it more efficient, effective, and innovative.

Throughout the workshop, attendees will explore the core concepts of generative AI and its application in testing, including how to generate comprehensive test cases that cover every conceivable scenario and how to use AI to identify bugs in the most unexpected places. The workshop will also delve into the nuanced art of prompt engineering tuning, teaching participants how to craft effective prompts that guide AI in performing highly specialized testing tasks. Through a series of hands-on exercises, interactive sessions, and live demonstrations, attendees will learn how to integrate these AI-powered tools and techniques into their daily workflows, elevating the quality of their testing and the products they help to create.

Key takeaways:

  • Elevating Tester Roles with AI: Understand how AI-augmented testing transforms the role of testers from routine task executors to strategic problem solvers. Learn how testers can leverage AI to focus on more complex, creative, and strategic aspects of testing, thus elevating their role and value within development teams.

  • Mastering AI-Augmented Testing: Learn how to utilize AI-driven technologies to automate and enhance your testing processes. Gain hands-on experience with tools that enable you to generate comprehensive test cases and automate complex testing scenarios, significantly improving efficiency and coverage.

  • The Art of Prompt Engineering for Testing: Acquire skills in prompt engineering and fine-tuning, enabling you to craft effective prompts that guide generative AI in performing highly specialized testing tasks. Learn how to tailor these prompts to your specific testing needs, unlocking new dimensions of test engineering capabilities and enhancing your ability to test more creatively and thoroughly.

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