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Hlias Giannoulis

Lead Software Engineer in Test, Allwyn

I'm Hlias Giannoulis, a Software Engineer in Test lead at Allwyn Lottery Solutions. With nearly 14 years in the software testing arena, I've been around the block, exploring several industries like banking, chemicals, and the exciting world of lottery.

My playground is mainly around mobile automation testing, where I've embraced the challenges of the ever-evolving mobile landscape and served up some complete end to end solutions. Think of me as a mobile testing expert, navigating through the demanding challenges of this dynamic realm.

When I'm not busy writing code and conquering bugs,I’m pulling double duty as the assistant Organizer at the Ministry of Testing Athens. It’s my undercover mission to keep the testing world trained and up to date with current technologies and trends from experts around the world .

But wait, there's more to my story! When I am not deep into testing , I’m out there practicing martial arts, challenging my inner ninja. And oh, did I mention I'm a cooking addict? Yep, when I'm not battling with code bugs, you'll find me in the kitchen, trying to cook up delicious dishes with my son as my trusty kitchen partner (well, most of the time).

So, if you're looking for a blend of testing madness, community spirit, martial arts finesse, and a sprinkle of Gordon Ramsay – I'm your person! Let's make testing not just a job, but a fantastic journey. See you at the conference!

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Level : Expert

Content : Test Automation

A journey inside a React Native App (No pain, no gain)

Get ready for an exhilarating journey as we dive into the heart of a React Native App automation testing process through, "A Journey Inside a React Native App: No Pain, No Gain." Join us on an immersive adventure through the dynamic role-playing scenario between a project's tech lead and a Software Engineer in Test (SET), revealing the challenges and triumphs of a new React Native project.

Our expedition kicks off with the crucial decision-making process of Framework selection, navigating the treacherous landscape of options to arrive at the most fitting choice. Traverse the uncharted territories of Selectors strategy, where some interesting custom solutions are presented, showcasing the artistry behind their strategic approach.

Prepare for a thrilling encounter with the realm of Testing, as we demonstrate the mastery of mocking with real-world examples. Also dive into the intricate details of testing strategy and witness the SET team's ingenious reporting approach that brings clarity to the testing general approach. Along the way, marvel at the breathtaking vistas of visual testing, offering a panoramic view of the project's robust visual verification.

As we journey deeper, witness the transformation of seemingly "impossible" tasks into triumphs, revealing the SET team's resourcefulness and determination. Explore the uncharted territories of CI/CD approach, unlocking the secrets behind seamless integration and deployment.

Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of surprises, as we unveil unexpected twists and turns in the implementation process that will leave the audience astounded. This expedition promises not only to showcase the resilience and innovation of the SET team but also to inspire and enlighten every participant about the challenges and victories embedded in the world of React Native App development.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey inside a React Native App like never before – because in this realm, there's no gain without a bit of pain! 


#webdriverIO #appium #bitrise #saucelabs

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