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Baris Sarialioglu

Founder, Managing Partner, TesterYou & Codejust

Baris is an IT professional with 20+ years of experience as a Consultant and a Software Engineer for many different organizations. He has published a number of papers and books within the Software Testing profession and contribute to the field by regularly attending conferences as a public speaker.

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Level : Practitioner 

Content : Test Automation , Manual Testing

Entangled in Code: Quantum Physics and the Parallel Universes of Software Testing

This keynote explores the fascinating intersection of quantum physics concepts with the day-to-day realities of software testing, all while keeping the mood light and engaging. The talk could humorously compare bug tracking and test scenarios to quantum superposition, where software exists in multiple potential states of functionality until tested. It might also delve into the idea of quantum entanglement, suggesting that bugs in one part of the system seem mysteriously linked to behaviors in another, much like entangled particles affecting each other instantaneously over distance. Additionally, the session could explore the concept of quantum tunneling as a metaphor for how bugs sometimes bypass layers of testing to appear in production. Through these parallels, the keynote aims to entertain while shedding light on the complex, unpredictable, and often bizarre world of software testing, using quantum physics as a novel lens.


June 6th

Location: Attendees will receive detailed instructions

Test Automation Strategies with Design Thinking

Overview of Design Thinking

  • Brief introduction to design thinking principles.

  • Importance of user-centric approaches in software development and testing.


Introduction to Test Automation

  • Overview of test automation: what it is, why it's important.

  • Different types of test automation (unit, integration, system, acceptance).


Empathize with Your Users and Stakeholders

  • Exercise: Identify the end-users and stakeholders of your test automation strategies.

  • Group discussion on understanding user needs and pain points in the context of test automation.


Define the Automation Goals

  • Interactive session to define clear, actionable goals for test automation projects.

  • Prioritize testing needs based on user and business requirements.


Ideate Automation Strategies

  • Breakout groups work on ideating test automation strategies that address defined goals.

  • Groups share their ideas and receive feedback.


Prototype Test Automation Strategies

  • Introduction to popular test automation solutions, tools and frameworks.

  • Teams create a basic prototype of an automation solution suited to their strategy.


Test and Iterate

  • Teams present their prototypes.

  • Group feedback session to refine and iterate on the test automation strategies.

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